Mr. Brahima Sanou, Director, BDT, ITU and Mr Ioane Koroivuki, Regional Director, ITU Asia-Pacific visited Bhutan from 31/10/17 to 2/11/17. On 2nd November, 2017 Mr. Brahima Sanou gave a talk to the MoIC staff and ICT Heads about the ICT priorities of Bhutan through Outcomes of World Telecommunication Development Conference 2017 which was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 9 to 20 October 2017. The theme for WTDC was "ICT for Sustainable Development Goals" - ICT④SDGs.

Mr. Brahima Sanou shared his thoughts about the trends in the evolution of the ICT sector. According to him, the ICT sector is undergoing big changes while bringing big changes to other sectors. The changes in the ICT sector could be characterized by the following patterns:
1) The first pattern is Convergence.
2) Acceleration
3) Disruption
4) Sharing
5) Asymmetrical competition
6) Interdependency
7) Consumer-player pattern