SASEC Information Highway Project

  1. SASEC Information Highway project was started in 2009 and has spilled over to 11 FYP. Its completion deadline has been extended to December 2014.
  2. Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Bhutan are participating in this project under ADB.
  3. Bhutan has three components; two of these, i.e., village network and regional network are implemented by DITT, while the third component, Research and Training Network (RTN) is implemented directly by ADB.
  4. Bhutan village network, establishing/equipping 30 community centers has been completed. The project has established fiber connectivity and internet (sharing from Dzongkhag Local Area Networks) to these 30 as well as another 101 CCs. Procurement will be soon carried out to establish same connectivity for another 54 CCs, taking the total of CCs connected through this project to 185 CCs.
  5. The regional network, consisting of Thimphu-Phuntsholing and Thimphu-Gelephu routes is getting built by RailTel Corporation of India Limited. The contract was signed in July 10, 2013. It is scheduled for completion by March 2014.
  6. MOIC has provided two pairs of fibers on each route for the network. The equipment of the regional network will be collocated at Bhutan Telecom facilities under Service Agency agreement.
  7. Bhutan Telecom Limited (BT) has been recruited through a competitive process as Bhutan’s Service Agency (SA), which will operate and manage Bhutan’s regional network. An agreement has been signed between DITT and Bhutan Telecom to this effect. The agreement specifies the responsibilities of each party including payment to BT.
  8. This payment to BT will have to be budgeted every year.
  9. As required under the project BT as the Bhutan’s SA has signed bilateral agreements with SA of other three countries.
  10. Once Bhutan completes its part further connectivity to Siliguri, the regional hub, will be provided by NKN of India.
  11. RTN requires high speed connectivity of the 30 CCs to the regional network to access resources at College of Science and Technology (CST). Sherubtse College also requires connections to CST for developers to upload resources to servers at CST. For this purpose it has been agreed with RTN team and has already chosen 30 CCs along the regional network routes and connectivity to the regional network which will achieve connectivity to CST is undergoing.
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