PKI workshop

With increasing number of services provided online and many more to come in due course of time,securing channel for electronic transactions and protecting the integrity of data has become increasingly crucial and challenging. Currently, agencies have identified the risks and have implemented different levels of security solutions; ranging from simple username/password to third
party PKI solutions like central authentication, digital signatures and digital IDs. The third party solutions are based from outside of Bhutan. Medium and small agencies are facing challenges as
such third party solutions are expensive and resource intensive.To cater to such needs in the country, the department is currently conducting a feasibility study for establishing a national PKI to assess current state of PKI solutions, future requirement,sustainability and feasibility. Nevertheless, the PKI based security solutions being a fairly new concept for Bhutan, the expert from South Korea who is currently in Bhutan to guide the team to determine appropriate solutions and recommendations for Bhutan has also agreed to give a talk on PKI, its importance and share his experiences and probable way forward for Bhutan in the digital security journey for both managerial and technical audiences in two batches. The first batch of PKI workshop is happening right now.