Outcome of the android training in Thimphu TechPark (2nd-21st April 2018)

Four Mobile Applications namely City Bus Service, Dzongkha Learning for Kids, M-contacts and Tourism, were developed and produced as the result of 21 days intensive training conducted on “Android based Mobile Application Development with Java” at Bhutan Innovation Technology Centre (BITC), Thimphu TechPark Limited (TTPL) from 2 - 21 April 2018. The following are the list of mobile applications with brief explanation on its functionalities:

1. Explore Bhutan
The Explore Bhutan mobile app is developed for travelers to help and encourage them to visit nearby places. A list of nearest Dzongs, monasteries, and other places will be listed based on the current location of a user. The list will display pictures with name and altitude of each Dzong/monastery/place. The user can view detail information of each selected place and also user can find location of each place on online google map.

2. Dzongkha app for kids
Dzongkha app for kids uses audio and visual to make learning of names and pronunciation of following category interesting for kids.
Wild animals
Domestic animals
Other animals
Each category contains names and pronunciations in Dzongkha, animal sounds and images. Sound and text contents were provided by Dzongkha Development Commission.

3. M-contact
M-contact is a android based mobile application developed to benefit employees under Ministry of education. Every employee who wants to access the service have to login. For it we need employee id as a username and email id as a password.
After successful login user can search the contacts by name,division and designation. Users can also call and send email using the icon available in the contact details.
Users can fetch contact details based on various categories like Ministry, thromde and dzongkha. Last list fetched will be stored in local database for offline viewing.

4. City Bus Service app
City Bus Service app is aim to assist commuter to locate Bus stops, Timing of the Bus at various stops and most importantly to track movement of the Bus at their desire destination.
There are two app, one for driver and other for the general commuters. Driver will open the app and start the journey for the desire destination. After choosing from the destination, it will disappear from the list and will show in the users app.
Users will see three tab namely Timing (Bus schedule for the week), Stops (All Buses stop available) and Track(Choose the destination bus to track). User can then track LIVE movement of the bus.
When the driver stop the Bus it will not display in the user list.
To use this app, both driver and user need to have access to Internet and the size of the app is light weighted( only 4MB).