National Broadband Master Plan Implementation Project

  1. Project started in 10 FYP with total outlay of Nu. 900 million, which was subsequently after one year reduced to Nu. 600 million.
  2. Included in the project is also Nu 10 million that was provided to BPC to establish international gateway in Phuntsholing. This budget has been utilized to procure SDH equipment. So the total budget for the project stood at Nu 610 million. (600 from GOI and 10 from RGOB)
  3. Till date 20 districts and 196 gewogs have been connected with fiber. Remaining gewogs, except for those gewogs not on grid electricity, are scheduled to be connected by December 2016. 18 districts are connected with OPGW while Trashi Yangtse, Gasa and all gewogs are/will be on ADSS.
  4. Additional budget of 54 million asked from GNHC. Nu. 20 million in the last FYP and 34 during 11 FYP. Nu. 34 request has received approval and only Nu. 5 million left from remaining budget to be spent.
  5. BPC executed the works, further contracting the works to LS Cables of South Korea for OPGW part and Aksh Technologies, India, for ADSS.
  6. An agreement between BPC and DITT specifies the details of collaboration both during execution of the project and O&M of the fiber assets.
  7. According to the agreement, among other things, BPC is to be paid 10% of the project cost as management fees.
  8. O&M of fibers has been entrusted to BPC. For this BPC is to be paid 2.1% of the asset value as O&M fees. BPC has to maintain 98% uptime of fibers.
  9. A depreciation fund is maintained by BPC with BDBL. To this the government deposits 3.17% of the project cost. The fund is to be utilized to replace OPGW and ADSS fibers at the end of life. It can also be utilized by BPC, with prior approval of DITT, to replace fibers, damaged by force majeure events.
  10. There are two committees instituted to oversee the national fiber optics network: A committee called Systems Coordination Committee (SCC) and Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) to monitor the health and upkeep of fiber is formed with DITT, BPC, BT, TICL, DrukCom as the stakeholders. Director DITT is a member of SCC. The chairman of the committee is taken up on a rotational basis. The committee meets quarterly and has already conducted 6 such meetings so far. Head, Telecom Div is a member of the TCC.
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