IPv6 roadmap consultation meeting

The Department is conducting two days IPv6 roadmap consultation meeting at MoIC from 22-23 June,2017. The meeting is being attended by representatives from Bhutan Telecom,Tashi Infocomm,BICMA,BPC,NANO, Private firms and Govt. ICT Officials
The consultation meeting will focus on the following:
IPv6 Roadmap Development in Bhutan: To share the status of IPv6 deployment in Bhutan, IPv6 readiness, need for roadmap, stakeholders engagement and way forward.
IPv6 Roadmap for Bhutan: Policy, Regulatory, Consumer and Human Capacity Building aspects: To identify the key initiatives required by government agencies, policy makers, regulators, standards organizations, Academia and consumer organizations in promoting IPv6 migration.
IPv6 Roadmap for Bhutan: Industry, Technology and Network aspects: To identify the key initiatives required by network operators, enterprise network managers, equipment importers, manufacturers in promoting IPv6 migration, including any policy and regulatory incentives.
IPv6 Roadmap for Bhutan: Bringing it all together and the way forward: To identify the key elements of the roadmap and the role of stakeholders.