JICA Short Term Training Fellowship Announcement

The Department of IT and Telecom, Ministry of Information and Communication is pleased to announce the availability of short term training offer by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) under Knowledge Co-Creation Program, as follows;

1. Training Title

“ICT for the improvement of Government Capacity and services: Information Security”

2. Course Period

February 21, 2018 to July 5, 2018

3. Course Objective

This course aims for each participant to be able to design and manage the information security system.

Invitation to submit proposal for 2017 EBC-K Project to Facilitate ICT Application in the Asia-Pacific

DITT on behalf of Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) would like to invite Bhutanese ICT Divisions/Agencies/Firms to submit proposals for Project to Facilitate ICT Application in the Asia-Pacific funded by the Extra Budgetary Contribution from the Republic of Korea (EBC-K).

The objective of the project is to facilitate development of ICT applications and its usage in APT member countries in order to increase efficiency and productivity, or to provide new economic values and benefits in the field of services or industries of APT member countries.

3rd ICT Conference

The 3rd ICT Conference opened by the Hon'ble Minister, Ministry of Information & Communications, is ongoing today (16th October, 2017) at the NRDCL conference hall. The theme of the 1 day enven is 'Digital Inclusive Bhutan - Looking ahead to the 12 Five Year Plan' strives to highligh the need to improve on Accessibility, Adoption and Application of ICT in the country.

Registration for the National Website Competition (2017-18)

"Registration for the National Website Competition (2017-18) are still open. Interested private/corporate/institutes/individuals and other non governmental agencies can register for the competition in the link given below latest by 9th oct.


Standard Request For Proposals

The Department of Information Technology & Telecom, Ministry of Information and Communications invites proposal for Consultancy Service to “Assess Readiness for Establishing National PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). The detailed “SRFP” can be downloaded from www.dit.gov.bt and www.moic.gov.bt. or you may contact Mr. Sonam Penjor @ 323215 ext 320.

For more details and to download the form please follow the link below:

Meeting among DITT/MoIC, College of Science and Technology (CST) and TTPL was held on 6th September 2017

The objective of the meeting were as follows:

1. The Department held a meeting with the CST on 30th June, 2017 to discuss on the cubesat project and way forward to collaborate with CST in order to generate interest amongst faculty and students in the area. A follow up meeting with CST was conducted to present and discuss the action taken on the previous meeting, current status of the cubesat project, actions plans for the cubesat mission and collaboration proposals from CST on cubesat.


4th ICT Conference

The Department is organizing 4th ICT conference with the theme "Building A Smart Nation through Technologies". This year, the conference will focus on discussion on critical aspect of Emerging Technologies, impact in Bhutan on ICT adoption, Managing Cyber Security Risk and Mitigation in Bhutan, Collaboration between Government and ICT Private sector and understanding the experiences and challenges of ICTs.


In keeping with His Majesty’s vision of promoting interest in space, science and astronomy, Bhutan is participating in the NameExoWorlds Project being carried out by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in celebration of 100 years of IAU. This global project offers an opportunity for each country, including Bhutan, to name an exoplanet and its host star. An exoplanet is a planet outside the solar system. Thousands of exoplanets have been discovered orbiting other stars over the past three decades.