Birds Newsletter

Newsletter Issue no 18 (Date July 30)

The Joint Global Multi-Nation Birds Satellite project. acronym as “Birds project.” is a cross-border interdisciplinary satellite project. for non-space faring countries supported by Japan. During this 2 years project., students shall design, develop and operate 5units of identical 1U CubeSats (1kg, 10cm cubic) belonging to the five participating countries and operated from 7 ground stations (operation is done at 7 ground stations; the 5 participating countries including Thailand and Taiwan) to form first time in the world a constellation of 5 CubeSats operated in 7 networked ground stations. 15 students from 6 of the 7 participating countries who belong to Graduate school of Engineering of the Kyushu Institute of Technology and enrolled as a Master or Doctoral degree students in Space Engineering International Course are executing this project. with the support of 4 faculty members. This project. hopes to provide great leverage to students from developing nations for hands on satellite project.

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Source : Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech) website

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