Automate G2G Project

Automate G2G is one of the component of the project titled “Expansion of G2C, G2B and G2G” being implemented by DITT. The other two components viz. G2C and G2B are with the G2C office under the Honorable Prime Minister’s office. The project is being funded by the Government of India under Project Tied Assistance(PTA) programme.

The main objective of the G2G component is to develop efficiencies into services through better integration and communication between central agencies and citizens through assessment and development of whole of the government back-end systems in line with the approved 11th five year E-Gov master plan document.
Some of the priority initiatives under the G2G initiatives are:
Development of Blueprint for National Payment Gateway and eCommerce

  • E-payment gateway system
  • E-Authentication solution
  • Digital Signature solution
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