About us - ICT Management

1. Overview

As the parent organization of all Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professionals, The Department of Information Technology and Telecom (DITT), Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) has been mandated to develop an ICT Management System for the Royal Government of Bhutan. The ICT Management System has been developed and its implementation needs to be carried out as committed to the different stake holders. The main objective of the ICT Management System is to support Ministries and Agencies in the Royal Government so that they are able to use ICT both for strategic and operational purposes to ultimately deliver excellent services to the citizens and businesses of Bhutan. In order to successfully implement the ICT Management System, a new ICT Management Division was formed comprising of ICT, Human Resource Management and other relevant professionals. The Terms of Reference for the ICT Management Division specifies the roles and responsibilities of the core parenting team members.

2. Roles and Responsibilities

The ICT Management Division shall work in accordance to the ICT Management plan to successfully implement the ICT Management System. The Division shall facilitate all ICT professionals and shall be available to them all the time to help deliver excellent ICT services. The ICT Management Division is comprised of three sections, namely, Resource Management, Processes and Communications.

2.1. Roles and Responsibilities of Resource Management Section

The main responsibility of the Resource Management Section is to facilitate the objective of professionalizing the ICT human resources in the civil service. Towards this end it will carry out the following:

1. Implement restructuring and placement of all ICT professionals in all ministries, dzongkhags and autonomous agencies and define their roles and responsibilities.
2. Develop Terms of Reference (TOR) for ICT division/unit in all ministries, dzongkhags and autonomous agencies.
3. Support HRD, MoIC, in implementation of human resources processes, namely, position titles, career path, competency matrix and training
4. Set-up whole of government pool of ICT experts for Infocomm Security, ICT Strategic Planning etc.
5. Together with the ICT services of ministries and autonomous agencies, project and align human resource requirement for 11th plan for whole of Royal Government of Bhutan.

2.2. Roles and Responsibilities of Processes Section

The main responsibility of Processes Section is to support the operation of professionalizing the ICT management practices – the way we do ICT. Towards this end, it will work with other division of the department to put in place:

1. Standards on ICT management processes.
2. System development and services standards.

2.3. Roles and Responsibilities of Communications Section

The main responsibility of this section is to ensure proper whole of government alignment in the way ICT is utilized in the RGOB. Towards this end, it will carry out the following:

1. Plan, coordinate and conduct annual ICT conference, ICT Head’s meeting, ICT review committee meeting, experts’ group meeting and senior user management meeting.
2. Plan, coordinate and conduct briefings to Committees of Secretary and annual Dasho Dzongdags meeting.
3. Plan, coordinate and conduct orientation to ICT professionals.
4. Form team for developing ICT portal.
5. Plan, prepare agenda and schedule internal meeting in Parenting Division.