About us - BtCIRT

BtCIRT (Bhutan Computer Incident Response Team) division is responsible for the protection of national cyberspace with an important mandate to adopt a national approach to cybersecurity at a wider or national level. Besides providing incident response services to the government constituents and the general public, the division develops plans and programs that align with the national cybersecurity strategy or the national cybersecurity vision.

The key mandates are:

  • Build a knowledge base that supports the country’s development and implementation of a National Cybersecurity Strategy as well as a national approach for the protection of critical information infrastructures;
  • Support the building of a national culture of cybersecurity, and related awareness raising initiatives among public officials and the public in general;
  • Support the development of related national cyber security platforms, for example: e-Government framework and approach, combating SPAM, botnets, etc.
  • Develop and enhance national incident response and management capabilities.
  • Act as a national point of contact for cyber security issues for Bhutanese people, businesses, government and international agencies within the country.
  • Develop and maintain national incident management capabilities, both in reactive and preventive ways, including cyber security awareness.
  • Be a trusted and competent source of cyber security information.
  • Coordinate cyber security incident response at an international level.
  • Represent the country in international organizations working in the cyber security area.
  • Monitor cyber security threats, identify incidents in governmental networks, data centers, and national critical ICT and Media infrastructures.
  • Handle incidents, including authority to provide obligatory instructions for the government and state owned organizations and national critical ICT and Media infrastructure during major cyber security incidents.
  • Provide preventive cyber security services for the government and state owned organizations and national critical ICT and Media infrastructures.
  • Coordinate cybersecurity incident response in the country, including the government ICT infrastructure and commercial companies, internet service providers, critical infrastructures in Bhutan, and all citizens of the Bhutan.
  • Develop National Cyber Security Strategy and Communication Strategy to spread awareness on cyber security
  • Organize cyber security related initiatives in the country to improve the cybersecurity landscape in Bhutan.