1. Participation in 3rd Website Competition

    The Ministry of Information & Communications is organizing the 3rd National website competition to promote and prioritize ICT. The event is open to all and would like to encourage participation in this national event. Those interested in the competition are requested to submit details of their website by filling in an online form available here.
    The registration for the competition ends on May 31st,2015.

    Click here for registering your website for the competition

  2. Recognition of ICT Champion

    The Department of Information Technology and Telecom/Ministry of Information and Communications calls for nomination from individual/agency who have contributed significantly to the society through ICT and its services. Outstanding nominee will be recognized and awarded during the World Telecommunications and Information Society Day on 17th May, 2015. The call for nomination will be open from 09-30 April, 2015.

    Criteria for selection broadly covers innovation in the following:

    1. User Friendly
    2. Employment generation
    3. Practical application
    4. Impact on society - culture and tradition, service delivery, sector specific

    Link for nomination: