1. Request for Expressions of Interest Consulting Services - Individual Consultant

    The Department of IT and Telecom (DITT) under Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) has received a grant from the World Bank and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this grant for consulting services.
    The consulting services (“the Services”) includes Technical Assistance to take up Studies under Telecommunications Sector as set out in the Strategic Action Plans of the Bhutan Telecommunications and Broadband Policy Document.

    The consulting services (“the Services”) include studies in following broad areas:

    1. Tariff determination/regulations
    2. Quality of service (QoS) of Telecommunications and Broadband services
    3. Licensing of VoIP services/MVNOs

  2. Amendment for Tender "Supply of Photo with Double Frame Moulding".

    Notice No.: 

    This has reference to the tender "Supply of Photo with Double Frame Moulding". Please note that there is slight change in the photo size and the new size for photo is:

    11 x 36 in

    Other specifications and tender details remain same.

    For any additional clarification, feel free to contact Promotion Division, DITT at 324265 or 323215 (305).

    Closing Date & Time: 
    Fri, 03/04/2015 - 2:00pm
    Contact Person: 
    Promotion Division # 02-324265 or 02-323215 (305, 307)
    Contact Email:
  3. Press Release 2nd National Website Competition.

    The Department of Information Technology and Telecom conducted the 2nd website competition following the declaration of results of the first website competition.This competition, unique from the first evaluation, includes websites from private firms who were interested to participate. A total of 137 websites were evaluated from 18th August to 21st November 2014. Twenty private firms voluntarily registered their websites (banks, telecom, local IT firms, private colleges etc.) for evaluation.

    The evaluation of the websites was carried out with the following objectives:

    1. To encourage agencies to use their websites as a major channel for sharing information and services, which will increase efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.
    2. To ensure regular updates and enhancements are made to websites.
    3. To increase the utility of websites for our citizens.